Automation Mechatronics

Project Management

The AMI Difference


Automation Mechatronics (AMI) is in the unique position of leveraging globally recognised project management systems and processes whilst maintaining an agile and nimble organisational structure that empowers Project Managers to act swiftly to deal with the inevitable challenges that occur during project execution. In larger organisations, there is commonly a handover between “sales” and “execution” with a commensurate loss of continuity and understanding. At AMI, in most instances, the person you start talking to about solutions will be the person who executes the project. This allows for optimal understanding of design intent and ensures the needs of key stakeholders are met. As an organisation with a strong in-house automation capability, the work flow for design solutions from process design to functional description to software development is seamless as all team members work side-by-side to develop a common understanding of the project deliverables. We have a highly experienced team with a number of key personnel having more than 20 years working in the Food and Beverage sector.`

Feasibility Studies / Scope Definition

Having a highly experienced engineering team provides excellent resources to determine project feasibility and be able to accurately define scope to ensure capital expenditure plans are accurate and can be delivered to stakeholder’s expectations. By spending a small amount of capital up front to properly define scope and cost, a world of pain can be avoided down the track!`

Time and Resources Management



We manage time and resources using state-of-the-art tools


Organisations who are focused on operational excellence in manufacturing typically do not have the specialist skills or resources to manage upgrades or larger capital expenditure projects. This is good practice as capital expenditure occurs in an ad hoc fashion and maintaining engineering resources in-house would be operationally inefficient. AMI can provide the resources and project management disciplines to assist organisations to plan and execute capital expenditure. Our approach encompasses a high level of stakeholder engagement to ensure that projects are handed over to operations seamlessly, ensuring necessary training and operation procedures are in place before project completion.`

Contract Management

Where possible AMI uses full time staff in project execution roles. There are, however, certain areas where this is not commercially feasible such as civil and structural design, mechanical installation and certain specialist consulting activities. Hence, AMI has a wealth of experience in managing contractors to ensure safe execution to met project deliverables. We used a limited number of key contractors with whom we have a long term relationship and a mutual understanding of expectations in project execution, particularly with regards to site safety and quality. In some cases, customers have their own preferred contractors with whom they have long standing relationships and who are very familiar with a given infrastructure of the site. In this case, it makes perfect sense for AMI to work with these contractors and we ensure that the same level of understanding is reached with regard to project execution standards.`

Continuous Improvement

Every project presents unique challenges and learnings. At the conclusion of every significant project the team members carry out a “Lessons Learned” process that analyses issues and solutions. The team then proceeds to document and present those findings to the wider organisation. Systems and processes are updated where appropriate to integrate findings and ensure Continuous Improvement in AMI’s project execution capability.`