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Hazardous area classification is used to identify places where, because of the potential for an explosive atmosphere, special precautions over sources of ignition are needed to prevent fires and explosions. It is the method of analysing and classifying the plant according to the likelihood of flammable vapour/air or dust/air mixtures occurring. This facilitates the selection of electrical equipment that can be used safely in that environment.

Automation Mechatronics (AMI) have the in-house knowledge to assist with the following key hazardous area requirements:

  • Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) for explosive gas and dust atmospheres which involves the following:

  • Ventilation assessment to determine degree of dilution, the ventilation availability, and the overall effect on zone extents
  • Assessment of material properties of hazardous material
  • Equipment gas group and temperature classification
  • Hazardous area zone extent assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Hazardous area drawings

  • Auditing of existing equipment located within a hazardous area involving:

  • Review of all existing electrical equipment against requirements set out in the HAC

  • Providing practical remediation solutions of non-compliant electrical installations including:

  • Completion of remedy works as required
  • Identification of non-rated equipment
  • Remedial solutions for the concern i.e. new motor on pump

  • Design and selection of hazardous area equipment/ installations involving:

  • Calculations as required
  • Equipment specifications against HAC requirements


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Hazardous Area Engineering

Report Examples

Example of Hazardous Area Reports tables. Click on the icon below.

  • Development of Verification Dossier including:

  • Compiling dossier documentation with all necessary information
  • Assessment of suitability of equipment/ electrical items based on their certificate and requirements from the Hazardous Area Classification Report

  • Verification Dossier Sign Off including:

  • Review of Hazardous Area Classification Report and Verification Dossier including all relevant information such as IECEx certificates by a suitably qualified person
  • Inspection of electrical installation to ensure compliance to HAC report, Verification Dossier and required electrical standards
  • Arranging and managing H-Class Electrical Inspection sign off
  • Supplying Certificate of Electrical Safety
  • Providing final approval to allow start up and use of hazardous equipment