Automation Mechatronics


Operation & Maintenance Planning

3D Scanning

Automation Mechatronics offers 3D Scanning in Melbourne and every other state in Australia for

  • efficient operation and
  • maintenance space planning

3D scanning facilitates the communication of our process engineering solutions with our clients. They have a better understanding of our design when they can see the model into the existing space in virtual reality. By 3D scanning the area, the planning can be done electronically before any weld has been laid. By analysing the 3D scanning results, various stakeholders, such as

  • maintenance teams
  • operations personnel
  • design engineers
  • Operation Health & Safety personnel

can provide feedback and changes can be made at the design stage, reducing project execution costs.

Space Management and Confined Areas

3D Scanning
3D Scanning

Automation Mechatronics can provide models with 3D scanning of potential areas being upgraded. Our engineers will work with your team to plan and design the 3D scanning activities for various types of installations.

The client can investigate the 3D scanning models with internal stakeholders using virtual reality and standard plant walkthroughs and equipment orbits to give a feeling of the planned space for operation. AMI moves seamlessly from AutoCAD 3D models and the laser scan to show how equipment will operate/function in the space and avoid any problems ahead of time.

Furthermore, clashes can be investigated and resolved before starting the physical installations.

3D Scanning & Point Clouds

3D Scanning

3D scanning provides our clients with a point cloud of the current installation and factory layout. The point cloud is processed in our office and the raw data is delivered to our clients.

Automation Mechatronics can facilitate viewing the point clouds in virtual reality with our state of the art goggles at our facilities or on site.